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 Woodcutting & Fletching guide

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Woodcutting & Fletching guide Empty
PostSubject: Woodcutting & Fletching guide   Woodcutting & Fletching guide Icon_minitimeWed Aug 20, 2008 7:15 am

Hey guys alright well today i'll help you guys get fletching and wc'ing started.

Step one. buy a iron axe with your starter pack.
Step two. Woodcutting & Fletching guide 15d82uo
Step three.Woodcutting & Fletching guide Mh3lfl
Step four.Woodcutting & Fletching guide 2irnln5
Step five.Woodcutting & Fletching guide 2h6epzp
Step six.Woodcutting & Fletching guide 29qbmae

After you're done wc'ing. just buy a knife from herquin at the catherby teleport in your magebook. as shown in picture one.
Then use the knife with your normal logs until 20 fletching.
Then make oak shortbows till 25 fletching, and then make oak longbows.
After you make all your oaks. lets hope you have 35 fletching to make
willow shortbows.
After your 40 fletching start to make willow longbows until 50 fletching.
Then at 50 fletching make maple shortbows till 55 so you can make maple longbows.
At 65 fletching make yew shorts till 70 then make yew longs to 80.
Now heres where you need to make a disicion. Either make yew longbows till 99 (because there better exp than mage shorts)
OR Make mage shortbows for cash till 99.

Heres a picture of what the bows will look like start with oak shortbow.
Woodcutting & Fletching guide 28qpxk3

Have fun!
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Woodcutting & Fletching guide
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