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 lunar spirit quest guide

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PostSubject: lunar spirit quest guide   lunar spirit quest guide Icon_minitimeWed Aug 20, 2008 7:10 am

Requirements: 40 herblore, 60 theifing, completed Lunar diplomancy,and 43+ prayer to protect from melee,and 40 def.
Items Needed: tomato, Equa Leave, a Neckless (you can get these item mean while doing quest)

The map leads to the sailor.
this dude is located near the rock crab location so tele there.
then follow the black dots.

lunar spirit quest guide Lunarmap-1

to start quest u need to talk to this dude.

lunar spirit quest guide Lunarstartpoint

once he teles you your gonna want to head east until u see this ghost.

lunar spirit quest guide Lunarghost

ok after u talked to the ghost shes or he gonna tell u to talk to he or she once you've gotten these items

a Neckless, a Tomato, and a Equa leave.

you can get the neckless from the building right next to the ghosts building click on the door and there u have it the neckless

lunar spirit quest guide Lunarneckless

next theres this huge building kinda looks like castle wars go inside then u see these stalls steal from the first 1.

lunar spirit quest guide Lunartomato

to get the equa leave your going to have to pick it from this field

use the equa leave on the potion that the sailor gave u and there u have it!

lunar spirit quest guide Lunarherb-1

next your going to have to go back and talk to the ghost make sure u bring atleast 2 or 1 prayer pot.

has soon has u get into the place use protect from melee because it can hit 48.

lunar spirit quest guide Lunarspic1

once you've killed it congratulation! you've completed the Lunar Spirit quest!

lunar spirit quest guide Lunarfinishpic

use this altar to switch to lunar magic!

lunar spirit quest guide Lunarherb

thank you so much for all your support![/quote]
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lunar spirit quest guide
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