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 [READ] before reporting someone [READ]

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lets play
lets play

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[READ] before reporting someone [READ] Empty
PostSubject: [READ] before reporting someone [READ]   [READ] before reporting someone [READ] Icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2008 5:10 am

When reporting someone, you must use this outline .

You can't report someone for bothering you. Unless they are cussing. Please, don't try too report for Mod. It won't happen. If the offense is little to none. Then don't bother posting. If you'd like too try and solve a issue with someone annoying you then make sure you PM us Mods.

Your report must have a picture of the offense, if you do not post a picture, we can't deal with the problem.

Players Name:

What was the offense:

Do you have a screen shot of the offense:

Why do you think that person has done this offense:

This is the code you have too use. If you post without this code, then we won't bother too look at the thread and we will Lock/Delete the thread.

If there is anything I missed on this thread, then PM me saying so. I'd rather not type out what you should try too look for when reporting. Just not worth the people all hawk eyeing against everyone.

Thank You

Things NOT To Report For!

just to stop some things that are gonna happen, these are some things you shouldn't report for.

One - Do not report if someone is following you and being annoying, just teleport away.
Two - Do not report someone, if they are stealing your kill. PJing and KSing ARE allowed. [Pj = Stealing a persons kill on another, KSing = Kill Stealing]
Three - Do not report if someone made a rude remark, unless they were cussing. There IS an ignore list.
Four - If your censor is ON, and someone says something like "****", do not report them. They could just be saying "****" to avoid the censor, and not get in trouble.
Five - If you just don't like someone, you can't report them for nothing. Don't make a post and say 'amg tyler r be men 2 me and say u lil f---.', without a screenshot proving it.
Six - Do not report someone for things outside of Code-x.
seven - do not report for luring, this is allowed!

Take the time to read through these if you have something you want to report for, you CAN report for things on the forums.

Basic rules of Code-x furoms!

Rule 1: Violation of language.
Anyone caught breaking a rule; avoiding the censor; or using racial remarks you will be banned for 24 hours, and possibly silenced from the shoutbox.

Rule 2: Item manipulation.
This includes scamming and duplication of items. Both of these will result
in a permanent ip ban; with no chance of appeal. Telling Evil or Lets play the dupe method will get you un-ip banned and everything reset relating to your accounts.

Rule 3: Account scamming.
Anyone caught stealing someones account; will be ip banned. You will have 1
chance at appealing this. If you set up the reporter will be ip banned.
We have ip logs for everything that you do.

Rule 4: Bug abuse.
Finding a bug and not reporting it to an administrator will be an ip ban.
You will have no chance of appeal; and will be permanently iped.

Rule 5: False representation (Saying your part of staff).
This will be an account ban if used to break Rule 2 or 3. The action will
result in an ip ban. With 1 chance of appeal.

Rule 6: Macroing.
Most macroing is allowed unless it offends users and breaks other rules of this section. IE: spamming, flaming users through the use of the macro.

Rule 7: False Reporting.
If you are caught, you will be infracted and topic locked. Continue and the punishment increases. IE: next would be 3 day ban, etc.

Rule 8: Use of other Currency.
Buying * gold for real money; or other currency's will be an
Account ban. The only legal way to gain * gold via money is to
sell premium.

Rule 9: Staff Harassment.
If you offend a staff member; They have the option to Mute you for 48 hours,
and a warning. If done again; you will be banned for 3 days.

Rule 10: Attacking.
If you are caught attacking the server through a method of DoSing, Botnetting, Flooding, you will be ip banned with no chance of appeal. This is not taken highly around here and punishment will remain forever.

Note*We have ip logs for everything your account does in game and forum account. If you're a hacker, scammer, you will be found and you will be punished.

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Global Moderator

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[READ] before reporting someone [READ] Empty
PostSubject: Re: [READ] before reporting someone [READ]   [READ] before reporting someone [READ] Icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2008 9:21 am

thanks connor, this is a great guide Very Happy
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[READ] before reporting someone [READ]
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