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 guide to 99 hp by GmRaider

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guide to 99 hp by GmRaider Empty
PostSubject: guide to 99 hp by GmRaider   guide to 99 hp by GmRaider Icon_minitimeSat Jun 21, 2008 3:49 pm

a)Make Theif 99. (By then you have atlast 1m)
guide to 99 hp by GmRaider Theifzq4

a)Buy Obby Rings (~250-500) & start killing Guards till 40 than kalphy till ~70
b)Go to barrows if your range is ~70 and kill karlins untill you get karlins x bow
c)Start killing kalphy with Kar X bow till 99 range
guide to 99 hp by GmRaider Rangeaa5
TIP:While Attacking Kalphy watch videos on YouTube , Makes things faster.(You need client sound on! to use this)

with this you should get hp ~75-80

a)Make atk str 40 And buy Rune Scimmy
b)Make atk 60 , Buy D Scimmy
c)Make str ~60-70
d)Make atk , def 70
e)make with whip atk def 80 (Controlled)
f)Now Start training str with D scimmy (at Red dragons) NB!Need Anti Dragon Shield!
f2)Stay At Minigame Untill Hp 95 Than Kalphy

guide to 99 hp by GmRaider Combbb3

Once You Get Str ~91 You will get ur Hp 99!
And Your Combat Will be ~"+100"

Oh And Reward:
guide to 99 hp by GmRaider Emoterg0

2 Things More!
guide to 99 hp by GmRaider Endvs1

And Vote Wink!
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guide to 99 hp by GmRaider
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