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 Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf

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Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf Empty
PostSubject: Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf   Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf Icon_minitimeSat Jun 21, 2008 3:48 pm

Ok, Obviously your either bored on forums, or you want 99 prayer, well youve come to the right place for number 2.

If you already have a holy symbol and 85 slayer skip to step 12b.

If you have 85 slayer but dont have a holy symbol skip steps 5 - 7.

Step 1: Log on and grab yourself some good stats and armour. I suggest 80+ combat (With 43 prayer) and rune, drag or barrows armour.

Step 2: Grab yourself some cash and tele home. Then walk north-west of bank to the general store house (with all the shops in it) and talk to the 'customer' (next to dark mage) (make sure you have nothing in you invetory apart from your cash)
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf TalktoCustomer

Step 3: Get 30 Herb and make unfinished pots with rannars till you are 38 herb Buy 10 vials and 10 ranarr weeds and mix them together to get unfinished potions. Then buy 10 snape grass and mix them with the unfinished potions. Now you will have 10 prayer pots (3) (they give you 19 prayer). You can also buy more at will. Bank these as you will need them later.
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf MakingPrayerPot

Step 4: Walk a few paces to the east and talk to Gerrant.
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf TalktoGerrant
Fill your invetory with Manta Rays. (they heal 25 hp).
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf BuyingMantarays

Step 5: Training Slayer: First off get ancient magiks (pray at altar just on the east wall of shops). and tele to slayer.
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf ChangingMagiks

Step 6: Talk to the candle maker and he will give a monster to slay x amount of times. Once you've finished go back and ask for another task. (Hint: If you dont like your task, log out and in and get another one Very Happy)
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf Slayertask

Step 7: Keep repeating step 6 until 85 slayer.
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf 85Slayer

Step 8: Go to the bank and take out 10 prayer pots and then fill up the rest of your invetory with manta rays. (make sure you are wearing your best armour and weilding your best weapon)

Step 9: Talk to guild master to tele to 'training' place. (he is located just north of bank).
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf TalktoGuildMaster

Step 9: Run west until you find the only 'Abyssal Demon'.
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf AbyssalDemon

Step 10: Click on 'Protect from Melee' and the symbol should come up above your head.
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf ProtectMelee

Step 11: Attack the Abyssal Demon
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf AttacktheAbyssalDemon

Step 12: After killing it many times and prob having a few trips, the abyssal demon will eventually drop the holy symbol.
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf Holysymbol

Step 12b: If you dont have 50+ Prayer bury some dragon bones til you do.

Step 13: Now because you already have 50+ prayer you can start using the holy symbol. To quickly get 75 prayer walk east to the lvl 20 guards and kill them for bones.
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf AttackingGuards

Step 14: After Collecting a few bones use the holy symbol with it to get 15k Prayer XP. Keep repeating this til 75 prayer (this will take a bit of your time). If you want to you can skip steps 15 and 16 and get 99 prayer with normal bones. If you are a high lvl and can kill dagonnoths quickly I suggest do steps 15 and 16 but if you are of a lower lvl, stick with normal bones til 99 prayer.
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf BonesWithSymbol

Step 15: Lvl 75 prayer, first off, Congratz! Now we are right near the end...but this is also where it starts to get tough. You now have to gather Dragon Bones to use on Holy Symbol. The best way to get Dragon bones is to either buy off other players or kill dagannoths. The dagannoths are just below the abyssal demon Very Happy. The Dagannoths drops Dragon Bones 100% of the time and arnt too difficult to kill. No need to use prayer here, just bring Manta Rays.

Step 16: Pickup all the dragon bones and use them with the holy symbol.
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf DragonBoneswithSymbol
Repeat til 99 Prayer!
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf 99Prayer-1

Step 17: Tele back home and talk to Cap n Hand
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf TalktoCapnHand

Step 18: Buy 1 Prayer Cape.
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf BuyPrayerCape

Step 19: Wear it Proudly!!!!!
Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf WearingCape

Hope you liked the guide!!!
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Guide to 99 prayer by w00lf
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