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 Screeny Guide by mitumi

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Screeny Guide by mitumi Empty
PostSubject: Screeny Guide by mitumi   Screeny Guide by mitumi Icon_minitimeSat Jun 21, 2008 3:44 pm

Hey, well i few people asked me to post a screeny guide and well here it is:

First of all on your keyboard you should see this: When u find it go to the screen u want to take a screeny of and press that button

Screeny Guide by mitumi Screeny1

Next you open up ms paint (its easiest) and select new, now do this: Go to the bottom left hand corner of the canvas and drag it and make it into a small box like so:

Screeny Guide by mitumi Screeny2

The canvas should now look like this: (roughly that size)

Screeny Guide by mitumi Screeny3

Next go to edit>Paste and the image that u took should appear on ms paint like so:

Screeny Guide by mitumi Screeny4

Now for the cuttin to make the image smaller, first go to this tool:

Screeny Guide by mitumi Screeny5

Then use it to select the part of the image you want like this:

Screeny Guide by mitumi Screeny6

Now press CTRL + C (or go to edit and copy) then go to file new dont save changes then paste, it should now loo
k like this:

Screeny Guide by mitumi Screeny7

Now save and thats you done Smile

You can upload to this site Tiny Pic once upload get the URL (if ur usin tinypic it will say URL for message board) but if not do this:
type this code: [img]url[/url]

If you want to ask a question post a reply Very Happy
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Screeny Guide by mitumi
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