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 CodeX Rules.

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CodeX Rules. Empty
PostSubject: CodeX Rules.   CodeX Rules. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 02, 2008 2:00 pm

Hey, well... Here they are CODEX RULES! Razz

1. NO Duping.

2. No staff impersination.

3. No item scamming.

4. No glitching.

5. Dont spam, Ie dont say, selling dbow every second.

6. No luring.

Wildy rules thanks to Hooded Lvl X!

Breaking any of these rules will result in a ban FROM the wildereness for 3 days. If it hapends again, your account will be banned for 3 days. And again PERMANANT BAN.

1. NO TEAMING IN THE WILDERNESS ANYWHERE! This will result in a ban.

2. Dont constantly barage (Every 3 secs) please give time for the barage to at least disapere.

3. No foul language.

4. No player jumping, if you see somone got a kill, do NOT go and attack them.

5. No looting other peoples loot, unless they say you can.

6. No bug abuse, No attacking people outside of wilderness, You will be warned for this.

7. No attacking people in the wildereness while you are outside. This will result in a mute.

8. No 1 iteming.

9. No Log rushing.
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CodeX Rules.
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