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Evil Mage

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29/7/08 Empty
PostSubject: 29/7/08   29/7/08 Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2008 3:24 pm

code-x v3 is release but not complete.

reasons for its early release:
1) duping is fixed on v3
2) Needed to test if it lagged
3) Need to see what people think

it isnt complete as you may have noticed. clan chat dosnt seem to work but to join its ::joinchat CLANNAMEHERE and to talk its ::chat YOURTXTHERE

here are some piks of new place.
29/7/08 2zsxz6e
29/7/08 16i8aaq
29/7/08 6hsumf
29/7/08 2lmp2sm
29/7/08 2nl4rvt
29/7/08 2e53vr7
29/7/08 2j421dj

pictures of old home.
29/7/08 2076oo4
29/7/08 2v1su8h
29/7/08 16k2hi9

random piks of duel arena :d
29/7/08 2r3grxu
29/7/08 1z2n7kg
29/7/08 15ezgr4
29/7/08 30lmkhz
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