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Evil Mage
Evil Mage

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PostSubject: 4/7/08   4/7/08 Icon_minitimeThu Jul 03, 2008 10:43 am

w00t i did it after going though and fixing 89 errors

today i bring you full barrows! i spent along time coding after fixing 89 errors step by step for each 1. most were simple tho.
grab a spade from shop and dig above the barrows mound. but its not finished because of a few glitches

also god swords now require 75 attack.

bandos npc has 650 hp

bandos items other than godsword now requires 60 def

u can now use dragon pickaxe to mine essence

muting now lasts 48 hours

teaming in wildi will result in you being banned!
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