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Evil Mage

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PostSubject: 7/2/08   7/2/08 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 02, 2008 1:34 pm

today i did a few updates. well first off some pople were complaining about all the portals and everything been cramped into one place so i did the folowing:
you now need glory to use the tele to karamja to go to the new fishing spot.

you now need glory to use the tele to karamja to then run west to go down entrace to cave then go though the tzhaar entrace.

Thieving is now were home tele used to be on normal magic

You need a glory to teleport to Draynor to get to the bandos boss who is west down a gap in the floor, he does not drop anything yet

Other updates:
monkies now added to karamja
lesser demons and giant skeles added out side tzhaar cave entrace
removed stalls from the side of the bank
added bandos boss.

i did not get chance to finish the updates because my mum came and i had to go.
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