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 Change dharoks hit without changing strenght bonus

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Change dharoks hit without changing strenght bonus Empty
PostSubject: Change dharoks hit without changing strenght bonus   Change dharoks hit without changing strenght bonus Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2008 1:15 pm

Alright this is a mini tut but it will show people where they can change it at

Part 1:

Open up and search


It should bring up a if statement looking like this

  MaxHit += (getLevelForXP(playerXP[playerHitpoints]) - playerLevel[playerHitpoints])/2;
  playerMaxHit = (int)Math.floor(MaxHit);

To explain what this is, this is taking your public boolean FullDharokEquipped and saying your MaxHit is your level (it gets it by how much xp you have) times hp - your hp / 2

On your server the /2 might be /3 or what ever but you change the /2 to make it hit more or less damage the. (higher the /Number is the lower you hit, so for my server dharoks hits around 90s)

Part 2:

Changing how much bonus Different attack types have

Search for this in
if (FightType == 1 || FightType == 4){
It should bring up something like this

if (FightType == 1 || FightType == 4) { //Accurate & Defensive
     MaxHit += (double)(1.05 + (double)((double)(StrBonus * Strength) * 0.00175));
  } else if (FightType == 2) { //Aggresive
     MaxHit += (double)(1.35 + (double)((double)(StrBonus) * 0.00525));
  } else if (FightType == 3) { //Controlled
     MaxHit += (double)(1.15 + (double)((double)(StrBonus) * 0.00175));

Mine has notes by every type yours probally does to just dont worry about those

But the first line the if (FightType == 1 || FightType == 4) { //Accurate & Defensive yes that is the math that calcs the max hit under that line. And i will explain the calc hopefully from what i know (Second time messing with these and last time was about a year ago)

MaxHit += (double)(1.05 + (double)((double)(StrBonus * Strength) * 0.00175));
This code is taking the max hit you already have + 1.05 times strbonus times Strength level * 0.00175 So if you would like it to be more of a bonus for any of the attack types just edit the numbers and mess around with the 1.05 and the 0.00175

Part 3:

Editing The Bonus's your strenght prayers give (Must have working Burst of Strength already for this)

Search for this
if (StrPrayer == 1) { //Burst Of Strength

U should see this
f (StrPrayer == 1) { //Burst Of Strength
     MaxHit += (double)(Strength * 0.005);
  } else if (StrPrayer == 2) { //Super Human Strength
     MaxHit += (double)(Strength * 0.01);
  } else if (StrPrayer == 3) { //Ultimate Strength
     MaxHit += (double)(Strength * 0.015);

Again this is another Maxhit Calc It takes your maxhit + your strength level *0.015 for the burst the first one is the first str prayer you unlock, the second is the second strength prayer, and the third is Burst of Strength prayer

Again Change the 0.005, 0.01, 0.015 To make them give more bonus's (Yes you can make prayer give you like 20+ damage hits rofl, Ive actually made it so you hit 100s each hit when you have it on)

Ok I hope this tut helped people so they can figure out how to do more things, But I am looking into making peity right now so hopefully soon ill make you guys a Defense Prayer If statement and maybe a attack prayer if statement if i get my attack working

Again you need working str prayers already added in your server for this to work.

Thanks Purez/wangdoodle
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Change dharoks hit without changing strenght bonus
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